Shift State #1 Now Available
Shift State Issue #1 is now available to purchase. Check out for more information or -> CLICK HERE <- to get a copy of Shift State Issue #1!
Shift State #1 Update
Issue # 1 of Shift State has been sent to the publisher and should be available to purchase soon. Check out for more information.
World of Phaos: The Mage War

World of Phaos: The Mage War is based in the World of Phaos, but uses the Command Crisis code.  If you like Command Crisis, but wish it had a medieval fantasy setting instead of a space based one then your dreams have come true.  World of Phaos: The Mage War not only uses the same code as Command Crisis, it also uses the same database.  So your Command Crisis user info will work in both games and only the names of things will change.  Check it out at .


Command Crisis

Command Crisis is a new space based online strategy game I've been working on for a while.  You can manage your territories, research new tech, build up units and conquer new territory.  Bonus credits can also be earned by referring new users, donating and/or being the first to suggest a new feature that gets implemented or reporting a bug that can be duplicated.  Credits can then be used to purchase additional resources and tech.

Anyway...check out Command Crisis by clicking on the image below or by going to and let me know what you think by using the "Support" screen inside the game.

Command Crisis - Free Online Strategy Game -

Card Counting Training

I've added a new "Training" section to Blind Luck.  It now includes a very basic card counting script that uses the Hi-Lo method of card counting.  I created it mainly to help improve speed in card counting, but I do hope to add more features to it later.  Maybe even make it into some type of card counting game.

Click Here to check it out

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