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  • Fine Print

  • Console War, p62

  • The Dragon On Your Back

  • It Changed
    We got our first bit of information on how pvp will work in Fallout 76 out of Quakecon this past weekend, and I’m loving it. If you haven’t watched the interview I’ll break down the basics. If someone shoots you, it does a tiny amount of damage. This is apparently sort of a love tap […]

  • Loose Connection

  • Special Guest
    Apparently I will never cease to be amazed by the bizarre crossover characters that show up in fighting games (Yoda and Vader in Soul Calibur, TMNT in Injustice, etc). Every time I think it’s about as incongruous as it can get, they prove me wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan (A […]

  • The Futility Of Rationale

  • Epidemic
    My little guys are at the age now where they are both attending preschool/daycare, which essentially means that being sick is an ever-present threat that we simply have to live with in our house right now. They go and mingle with other children, swap bacteria like trading cards, and then bring it home like a […]

  • Stuff Or Things
    Okay, so as much as the game has improved from launch, I did also want to acknowledge that No Man’s Sky does still suffer from some issues. Apart from the bugs, I think the grindiness of it is the biggest shortcoming. You can distill most games down to a very basic mechanic if you try […]

  • Survival
    So, like many people last week, I reinstalled No Man’s Sky, a game I had not touched since probably August of 2016. I must have deleted my save, so I had to start over, but really that was fine. So much had changed, I hear, that a slow, fresh start would be good to help […]

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