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  • Console War, p63
    Well, the free ride has come to an end. Time to start forking over the cash for Nintendo Online. But hey, at least we get free access to Balloon Fight, right?! I’ll be more excited when they add some SNES games to the mix. I’ve played all of those (worthwhile) NES games to death at […]

  • Nightmares
    Please let there be a special circle of hell just for rocket launcher enemies and brutes. … Oh no… what if MY special circle of hell is filled with rocket enemies that launch brutes?!

  • Dampener
    The following is spoiler-free, re: Spider-Man. I love the Peter Parker/Miles Morales/MJ sequences in Spider-Man from a narrative perspective. But from a gameplay perspective, man, they are such a bummer. It shouldn’t seem like a big deal… after all, I play a lot of games where I’m not Spider-Man. Not being Spider-Man is basically the […]

  • I Am A Bad Superhero
    I have never really done much with the photo mode in games before. I dabbled a little bit in God of War, took some fun shots, but largely just focused on playing the game. The opposite seems to be true with Spider-man. Partly because the game is so gorgeous I can’t help but stop and […]

  • It?s Here

  • First Day

  • Stupidgate

  • Jackals
    And I hadn’t even heard about #puddlegate yet when I wrote this. Good grief.

  • New Hunters Be Warned
    I’ve been playing Monster Hunter games since Freedom 2, so it’s not like I’d entirely forgotten how we used to play Monster Hunter… but I still experienced a bit of system shock when I fired up MH Generations Ultimate yesterday. Maybe playing so much MH World had softened me up a bit, but suddenly all […]

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