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    Ok, we are officially sold out of CAD 1.0 Box Sets in North America! Thank you to everyone who picked one up, and again, I am incredibly sorry if you ordered one only to have your order canceled. We oversold some copies that we simply did not have stock for, due to a discrepency between […]

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    The Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 Box Set is now discounted in our store (along with a few other things)! We have less than twenty of these left, so I’d really like to just find homes for these now rather than have to ship them over to our new store when we move. The books we had in […]

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    I am going to be moving to a new store soon with some new merchandise, and since we’ve only got a handful of books left, I’d rather not mess with shipping them over to the new warehouse. So on Monday we’re going to have a little sale; the CAD 1.0 Set will be marked down […]

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    Editors note: Issue 3, page 22!

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