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  • Console War: 1985, p1

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  • The Future Is Now

    There is actually some science behind this… but “Negative Latency” was just too much fun to not to play with it.

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  • Weak Hand

    In case you’ve had your internet turned off for the past week, after a recent Hearthstone tournament match, a player from Hong Kong made a statement in support of Hong Kong (if you don’t know why Hong Kong is getting support, that’s more moving parts than I can recap for you). Blizzard, which is part-owned […]

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  • Elevation

    I feel like the Switch has gone through a sudden,  extremely radical renaissance in my household over the past year. For a full year or so after BotW, I think I maybe turned on my Switch once or twice (probably to show it to friends). In stark contrast, this year I have probably played my […]

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  • Contain And Eradicate

    I know, I know, my petty is showing.

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  • Prerequisite

    Breakpoint is not quite what I was hoping it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good military porn, and the Tom Clancy games usually deliver regardless. But I’d been hoping Breakpoint would veer a little more tactical/realistic like the old Ghost Recon games, and instead it went the other way. More […]

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  • Wasteland

    As a side effect of my job, I mostly try to play games when they’re new, topical, popular. But, like any gamer, I have a backlog. Games that I have to simply let slide past because there’s too much on my plate, or ones that I was just flat out oblivious to. Occassionally, I carve […]

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  • Snitch

    Okay, so look… if you don’t get today’s strip… count yourself fortunate that the internet has not, in the past couple of weeks, chosen to repeatedly foist upon you knowledge of this person’s questionable existence. Knowledge that you could have happily lived your entire life without, had not various social media and “recommended” news articles, […]

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  • Breakfast, p6

    In case you’d forgotten.

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  • Breakfast, p5

    Whenever I sell a poster, I always make sure I stop sales short of the max print run, or print a few extra, in the event that I need to replace any damaged in transit. So I’ve got a little pile of assorted prints and posters from the last couple of years sitting around that […]

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