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  • Potassium!
    Is there anything bananas can’t do?

  • Enthusiastic
    Oh man, thank goodness for Monster Hunter, because without it the Sea of Thieves withdrawals would be too much to bear. I avoided playing in any of the early beta tests, because the way the game was described had me worried that there wasn’t enough depth, and that if jumped in too early, I’d find […]

  • Four Hundred And One

  • If You Can?t Beat ?Em?

  • Momentum

  • Mostly Academic

  • Flail
    I kid, I kid. You Dual Blade hunters are great. Really.

  • They Always Know
    I feel like the monsters in the MH franchise have always had some sort of if/then statement in their programming; If a player tries to heal, then charge the fucking snot out of their hopes and dreams. But at least you used to have loading zones to fall back on. Now… now it just feels like […]

  • Winter-een-mas 2018, p5

  • Winter-een-mas 2018, p4

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