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  • The Campaign: Against The Clock

  • Join me for Outlast 2!
    Thursday evening I am going to stream Outlast 2, the sequel to a horror game that got some really good scares out of me when I streamed it four years ago. It will be dark, I will play with the lights off, there may be crying or whimpering involved, we’ll see. Stream will start Thursday […]

  • The Campaign: Against The Clock

  • The Campaign: Against The Clock
    And he didn’t even get to the flying buttresses.

  • Oops, Wrong Room

  • The Campaign: Against The Clock
    Since Four will have a limited role to play in this story (on account of being comatose due to poison), I thought I’d at least let her be a pain in the ass at the table.

  • The Campaign: Against The Clock
    Edit: I, uhh… So I forgot to actually attach the comic image when I made this post last night. My kids gifted me one final head cold for the season, and amidst the medicines and sleepiness, I think I typed up the title of the comic and thought “Good job, Tim. All done here” and went […]

  • CAD Book Sets to EU/UK and AU
    The pallet of Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 book sets has arrived at port in Germany. Once it’s offloaded it will make its way to our warehouse, and from there, shipped individually to all of you who pre-ordered a copy! Most of the sets on the pallet are spoken for already, but I do have a couple dozen left […]

  • Old News
    So, uhh… I picked up The Witcher 3.

  • Caching, part 2
    This is the latest I’ve received from Ryan at ScreenWave regarding the front page caching: We believe the issue is resolved. We made a change to the server caching first and we’re seeing the front page cache clear when you are posting comics. A few days later we made a change to invalidate users local […]

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