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  • Algorithms
    I will defend microtransactions… to a point. But this… this is… blech. 

  • Silly #624

  • The Right Spot

  • Validated
    So I don’t why, but I hate making the choice to bail on something because I’m sick (doesn’t apply to work anymore; I have to do my job no matter how sick I am. But you know, other things). To be clear, the bailing part I’m okay with; being the one to verbalize it makes […]

  • Silly #623

  • A Handy Chart
    Happy Friday the 13th! Last day to snag one of the posters from our store. Orders close at 11:59pm ET. So, loot boxes, huh? You can’t turn around at the moment without seeing a game with loot boxes. It’s a bit of a hot button issue, and there’s no way I was going to capture […]

  • Ad: Next Quest Club Poster
    48 hours left to place an order for one of these prints. The Movie Quote Variant is almost gone.

  • The Fall
    No, I didn’t die because I was admiring the scenery, you did! It really is an attractive game, though. Look at those birds! Those leaves! I enjoyed the small slice of beta quite a bit. I do have some thoughts regarding all that loot box garbage that I will likely explore in a future comic, […]

  • Personal Profile
    In the modern age, it’s the most efficient way to meet orcs, for friendship subjugation or murder. There are five days left to order one of the limited posters up for sale in our store. These are timed exclusives, meaning they’ll be up for sale until Friday, or until their edition size sells out, whichever happens first. […]

  • Try As You Might
    I don’t know why, but for me space sim sandboxes are one of those “I want to love it so badly” genres that I just can not stick with. I’ve tried so many times, so many different games, I just can’t keep my attention on them long enough for the payoff that, when I read […]

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