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  • Tough Love
    I am savoring the shit out of God of War. This is one of those games you remember for years and years after the fact. So many incredible moments. Sindri is my new obsession. However, I don’t know if its just me, but as the father to two little boys, it is hard to watch […]

  • What Is This, A Menu For Ants?!
    Game of the Year contender. That about sums up God of War so far. I am blown away by this game, and I’d love to talk more about it once I’m further along, but wow that menu text size. They even patched in an option to increase (ie, magnify) the text size, and it barely […]

  • Fish In The Sea, p19
    To be continued… I figure I’ll do one-shots for a week or two and then its on to Starcaster Chronicles issue #6, which is long overdue. Also, Dad of War today! I won’t get to play until after the kids are in bed tonight, but early reviews look promising, and I’m psyched!

  • Fish In The Sea, p18

  • Fish In The Sea, p17

  • Fish In The Sea, p16

  • Fish In The Sea, p15

  • Fish In The Sea, p14

  • Fish In The Sea, p13

  • Comics Reclassified
    I meant to do this a long time ago, but I’ve gone back through the past year and retagged all of the Ethan/Lucas comic strips post-reboot as Analog and D-Pad. That way, they’ll fall into the same archive and it makes it easier to read it all together, since it’s all the same story/universe anyway. […]

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