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  • Swapped, p5
    New store, new stuff, new sale! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Swapped, p4
    That’s right, we’ve moved to a new store! By the time this post goes live, the store should be up at this link! Ctrl+Alt+Del has joined the SharkRobot family so that we can again produce some shirts and other cool stuff! And boy do we have shirts. Our new store features an entirely new line of […]

  • Swapped, p3

  • Swapped, p2
    Just a heads up so you can, you know, mark your calendars or whatever, but word is we’re going to be launching the new Ctrl+Alt+Del store on Monday November 19th. We’ll have a bunch of brand new shirt designs which is something I haven’t been doing a lot of for the past, oh, six years […]

  • Swapped, p1
    Last day for the posters. Closing orders at midnight. If we have any extras (since I have to print them at a round number), they’ll go up at a later date, but they won’t be signed.

  • But The Bond Is Real
    My first real horse, Rangely, was a dappled thoroughbred. The one that I got for free in Valentine because I’d pre-ordered the game. During a gunfight, he freaked out and ran into the middle of the bullets, and went down. That’s where I learned horses could get hurt, but you could save them with a […]

  • Murder By Numbers
    I don’t know if its just me, but I kill a lot of people in RDR2. Like, to the point where I don’t even know how it’s possible to play through in a purely honorable fashion. Or, honestly, why you’d want to. I glance in someone’s direction the wrong way and they pull a gun […]

  • Gimme A Damned Minute
    I’ve got two limited run poster available for pre-order for the next week.  They’re 18″x24″, printed on 100lb Matte paper. The regular edition is a timed signature exclusive, available signed only until Monday November 12th at midnight, and the Vibrant Variant is limited to 100 copies (or Nov 12th, whichever comes first), hand-numbered and signed. Shipping […]

  • Mmm, That Speed

  • Drafty Noggin

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